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There  are only 11 FREE copies (out of 100) of my novel ‘Rogue Waves’ left on inkitt.com.  Goto https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/156096 and get your FREE copy today!  I promise you will not be disappointed! Below are two of the latest unsolicited reviews of my novel: kthomson  Oct 12, 2017 This Book Will Leave You Wanting More! J.A. Anderson’s […]

In order for my novel ‘Rogue Waves’ to be considered for publication Inkitt needs a certain amount of reading-data from my readers. Inkitt’s website shows me this information in my “Analytics” Section. (This is as of Today 10/9/17 at 12:00 Noon EST) The progress bar shows how much data Inkitt has already collected and how […]

pink7498 – October 8, 2017 Great read with perfect amount of action and romance I really enjoyed this book. It was really easy to feel connected with the characters throughout their journey. The storyline moved along perfectly without getting too caught up on overly extended action scenes which usually cause me to avoid any FBI, […]