I am happy to report that my first novel, ‘Rogue Waves’ is now a published work and for sale on!  FINALLY!

Below are the links where you can find my novel as it is no longer available on the Inkitt platform, and yes, it has a new cover!:

For a Paperback Copy go to:

For an eBook Copy go to:


I want to issue a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you who have downloaded, read and reviewed my novel!  Especially Aimee Ann at

Due to everyone’s avid interest in my novel, I have been given this fantastic opportunity!  Your enthusiasm, words of encouragement and genuine love of my book (and of course its characters) means the world to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without your continued support over the last six months.  So again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

There is a select group of people, who have gone out of their way to help me at different times throughout this entire journey and I would like to thank them publicly now, if I may.

To Jan – Who was the first person to encourage me to write the novel in the first place and who has been with me the entire way.  Without your initial encouragement and enthusiasm this would never have happened.

To Caroline M. – Who tirelessly edited, read, suggested, re-edited, re-read, supported and encouraged me to submit my novel for public review and scrutiny.  Although it was scary at first, you were right all along, I had nothing to worry about.

To Debbie W. – Who was the first person (outside of my editors) who read my novel and in one sitting I might add!  Thank you for all your words of kindness and having faith in me.

To Tashablu – The Model and the Author.  Who knew that would actually come true?  Thanks for always being there for me when I needed a push in the right direction and keeping me positive throughout this whole publishing drama.  I am truly ‘blessed’ to be able to call you a true friend!   P.S.  For those of you who have actually seen the new cover of my book, that is Tashablu posing for the picture!  Thank you for the use of the pic!

To N. Sapp – Who was always there when I needed a hand or an ear (and still is) and who continued to believe in me when I wasn’t too sure of myself.  Thank you for that and for always being available to answer all my crazy, weird and absurd questions!  Your expertise knows no bounds!

To Caroline S. – The President of my fan club!  Without you in the background telling everyone and anyone who would listen about my novel, I am quite sure it would never have been read by anyone!  Thank you for “spreading the word”.  You are truly a gift!

To Coach Mo – Who put me in touch “with the right people at the right time” and ultimately got things moving on the publication end.  Thank you for all your kind words, support and massive contact list!  (I think you found the right people to get things done so you wouldn’t have to break down and read a digital copy)!  LOL.

And last, but definitely not least, to my husband – Who never said a word to me about staying up until 3:00 AM writing like a fool, for putting up with having to make your own dinner because I couldn’t be bothered to stop writing for two seconds and for putting up with all my craziness, not only for over the last several months, but for the last twenty-six years!  Your quiet support and love is all I need.  Thank you so much!

With all my heartfelt gratitude ~ J.A. Anderson


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Hi there and thanks for your interest in my site! I write from my home in Naples, Florida. When not reading or writing, I can be found horseback riding, cooking or baking! I live with my husband of twenty-six years, my dog, Murdoc, my cat, Gizmo, my horse, Joe, my donkey, Donk and my four parrots, D'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Pathos! "ROGUE WAVES" is my first Novel.